• めぐりめし 恵 めぐりめし 恵
  • めぐりめし 恵 めぐりめし 恵
  • めぐりめし 恵 めぐりめし 恵
  • 自然食ショップ&玄米菜食レストラン 自然食ショップ&玄米菜食レストラン
  • 『食は命』!身体の中から美しく。ヴィーガン料理が食べられるアットホームなお店 『食は命』!身体の中から美しく。ヴィーガン料理が食べられるアットホームなお店
  • 『おいしく、心地よく』美容と健康のため“めぐりめし”をお勧めいたします 『おいしく、心地よく』美容と健康のため“めぐりめし”をお勧めいたします


We select safe ingredients and seasonings because we believe in the idea of ‘food is life.’

  • All vegan…We do not use animal products such as meat, fish, egg, or dairy products.
  • Gluten free…We use buckwheat flour and rible flour (roasted brown rice flour) instead of wheat flour. Please let us know if you have an allergy to buckwheat. We use tamari soy sauce that are made only from soy and sun-dried salt.
  • Sugar free…As we care about your health, we do not use sugar not only in our meals but also in our dessert. Instead we use tasty ingredients that are naturally sweet and always look for better cooking method. We do not use maple syrup, beet sugar, cane sugar or crude sugar either.
  • Pesticide-free, animal/chemical fertilizer-free, organic… We use brown rice and vegetables from our contract farmers who use natural cultivation methods.
  • Oriental vegetarian…We can also serve dishes without garlic, onions, green onions, leeks, or pickled scallions. Please let us know in advance.

  • No flavor enhancer or additives… For seasonings, we only use miso, soy sauce, oil, vinegar, and sun-dried salt carefully made by traditional methods. We do not use chemical seasonings, flavor enhancers, or additives.

At Megurimeshi Megumi, we respect the concept of natural remedy. If you're on a special diet for your health, please let us know.
We cook all our food from scratch without using the microwave, so it may take time to prepare the food. We would appreciate it if you could make a reservation in advance.

Megurimeshi Megumi deals with natural, gluten-free vegan foods that promote well-being and enhance efficacy of natural remedies, as well as functional supplements, health foods, goods for EMF exposure prevention, and water purifiers that are expected to facilitate our bodies’ natural ability to heal,. Please feel free to come even just for shopping. Online store is also available for those who live far away.


About Us

5 minute walk from the Exit 3 or 5 of Minamimorimachi Station on Sakaisuji Line of Osaka Metro, or the Exit 5 of Ogimachi Station on Sakaisuji Line of Osaka Metro.
6 minute walk from JR Osakatenmangu Station.
We are a natural foods store & brown rice and vegan restaurant.



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